To lead means to challenge

To lead means to take decisions; and those being led have decided to follow. This basic statement of leadership contains a very essential aspect of leadership: demand. Demand of the led for excellence of the leader. For leaders, therefore, this title is not addressed to those being led, but first and foremost to themselves. Those who stop trying to become better come to a halt and are overtaken. By choosing to follow, those being led have a right to the best leadership possible. Therefore, leadership development is a central issue for all leaders. It affects young and old alike, every gender. Leadership also means taking responsibility. In the hectic pace of everyday life, this very important insight unfortunately tends to be relegated to the background. Qualitative leadership development accompanies this process and addresses both individual problems and general conditions. Long-term improvements and changes can only be effected qualitatively. The I.N.F. stands for the fact that work in peer groups can provide a good impetus, but sustainable improvement and development require time and long-term partnership.

We are partners at eye level in all the stages of your development. Run-through courses and mass processing are concepts we abhor. Our goal is the pursuit of excellence together with our partners.

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