Creativity and Innovation

Creative thinking means thinking outside the rules

Creating something new is the prerequisite of progress. At the same time, progress is almost synonymous to success. For a leader, creativity is a desired characteristic in employees. In reality, however, this is hardly ever facilitated.

Creativity and leadership

Leadership coordinates and focuses on common goals. Leadership is therefore often misunderstood as control. This understanding often stifles creativity. Unconsciously, we create rules upon rules, so that creativity can no longer flourish. At this point, the question arises whether this is good for the respective company. In some areas this may seem legitimate, but then how are problems solved? Creativity is more than just an extraordinary invention and discovery. Creativity is important in any problem solving situation. As a leader, are you able to facilitate it? Or do you stifle it from the very beginning?

As a leader, you can enable creativity by using neuroscientific insights on how new ideas can develop in thinking. At the same time, you can avoid barriers to creativity. Create an environment where openness is part of the routine alongside creativity and become more successful.

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