"Science as the basis for better leadership" – this is what I.N.F. stands for. We create consulting excellence through research-based concepts. Our strength lies in leadership development, and we have extended this to the areas of communication, strategy, creativity and innovation, as well as of decision-making within the framework of management consulting. In customised concepts, we offer our clients high-quality potential based on the latest neuroscientific findings. We combine these concepts with approaches in leadership science and train them in workshops as well as in individual coaching and mentoring. Our goal is for our clients to develop leadership excellence and thus to achieve more.

In this context, excellence is more than a mere word. At the I.N.F., it reflects the true vision of serving as a source of inspiration through its unique position not only in consulting and in the development of leaders but also in research. We do not merely wish to provide counselling, we wish to inspire. It is precisely with this mission statement that we go further than others do.

The I.N.F. combines leadership and neuroscience, strategy and communication with your development potential and inspires you to peak performance!

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Unfold your potential with our support! Qualitative concepts tailored to your needs will lead you to success.

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